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Korean Seaweed

Manufactured by Solmoi F&C

Dried Pollack (Hwang Tae)

Manufactured by Daeryung Association Corporation in Yondae-ri (near Pyungchang in Gangwon-do)

YD Smart Board/Glass

YD Color Glass develops Smart Board that is able to combine three functions: White Board, Multi-Touch, and Home Theater

JBM MaxTorch

JBM’s LED Flashlights – Emergency, Bike, Camping, Photograph, Hunting, Underwater, etc

Lameditech – Laser Lancing Device

Lameditech’s HandyRay is a innovative device for the comfortable and safe blood collection.


DermaMed는 캐나다의 천연 식물성 피부연고 – 아토피, 안면홍조, 여드름, 관절염, 두통, 무좀/각질, 치질

ChefWay – Kitchen Appliance

ChefWay a leading kitchen appliance manufacturer