Birdie79 Easy Golf Ball Liner – 360 Degree Rotation


360 Degree Ball Liner

  • Unique 3 Parallel and 2 Vertical lines
  • Easy to Putting Alignment


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360 degree Rotation Easy Ball Liner for Alignment Putting Line

  • Unique 3 Parallel and 2 Vertical line
  • Anti-slip silicone rubber for holding axis


  • To line on your ball is the easiest and smartest trick to improve one-putting chance.
  • Most PGA tour pros like Tiger Woods use the skill because it is not break PGA rule.
  • However most amateurs do not use the skill because the line makes them rather confuse.
  • Smarter Lining skill and more practice make better chance to Win

Ball Lining is NOT a cheating.

Most PGA coaches like Peter Murphy, former Tiger Woods coach, highly recommend the skill




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