Maytolo Glass Cream 50g

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Maytolo Glass Cream 50g

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Maytolo Glass Cream 50g

  • A skin renewal cream that covers skin with a nourishing layers for moisturized, healthy, and glowing skin
  1. 5% Mink Oil

    1. Mink oil similar to human sebum helps to strengthen the skin barriers and improves the skin for healthy and revitalized skin.
  2. A complex skin care with Collagen and Adenosine
    1. Adenosine, an ingredient approved by Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, reduces find lines and collagen keeps skin firm.
  3. A natural moisturizer, Sodium hyaluronate

    1. Sodium hyaluronate forms a protective layer on skin that prevents loss of moisture and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day.
  4. Ceramide NP

    1. Ceramides, which account for 50% of skin lipids, help to improve damaged skin for soft and firm skin.
  5. A transparent gel-type cream that melts into skin

    1. The thick transparent glutinous gel-type cream smoothly melts on the warm skin and deeply hydrates skin to keep skin firm

Usage Tips: Apply a sufficient amount to damaged skin, spreading it evenly


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