Korean Dried Pollack – Whole Po 1 (38~40) x 20pack


Dried Golden Pollack – Whole Po 1 (38~40) x 20pack

  • 황태포 (1EA: 38~40: 50g) 20 packs
  • Product Company: Yongdae Dried Pollack Group DaeRyung
  • Product Location: Inje-Gun, Kangwon-Province, Korea S.
  • Original Material: Russia

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Hwangtae (the Korean Golden Pollack) is

  • Dried in winter with repeated freezing and thawing from Pollack considering “national fish” of Korea
  • High Protein: 80g Proteins/100g: 8 times higher than that of Pollack Fish
  • Amino Acid: 24 times higher than that of Pollack Fish

The Golden Pollack-slice is the Korean high protein food material

  • Easy to make main dishes
  • High quality Proteins
  • curing Hangover because of High Amino Acid in Korea

Why Russian Pollack?

Korean Pollack is not any more because of scarcity in Korea.
However, it is made in Yongdae-ri, Gangwon Province because of its traditional know-how and its natural weather advantage.

Additional information

Dimensions 38 cm

10 EA (38~40)


10 EA (38, 40)


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